Adult Food for Childish Days

Do you ever just hate being an adult? This year especially being an adult has sucked. Some days grown-up problems, legitimate anxiety, work, and over-commitment make me wish I could come home and have my mom miraculously appear to make me a grilled cheese with tomato slices and some pretzels to stick in the sides (if you put them in there too soon they’ll get all soggy, duh.) I don’t want to have to deal with anything; except maybe getting out of soccer practice. I don’t think I ever liked soccer. I blame hypothyroidism.

This overwhelmed adult feeling does not usually lead to very good dinners. Sometimes it leads to ice cream for dinner; or straight up chickpeas splashed with balsamic vinegar. I am not above these things. However, during my dark Thesis days I developed a strategy to get good food, without eating out all the time, when preparing a meal sounded like an unimaginable burden. That strategy is called: put an egg on it. No time or energy? Take two minutes to fry or six minutes to soft boil an egg, then put it on anything you’ve got around. Only got baby lettuces? Put an egg on it. Bread? Obviously put an egg on it. Eggplant? Put an egg on it. Don’t think too hard. Just put an egg on it, then watch some 90s TV drama on Netflix read a good book and take a bath so you’re sane enough to get your shit done. (If you’re one of those people who thinks baths are gross, I think you’re gross.) And don’t forget to sleep and exercise or you’re going to LOSE it. If not all of those things are possible, I suggest sitting down in silence and not doing ANYTHING (except praying, if you pray) for ten minutes before getting back to it.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite put-an-egg-on-it combinations:

Sweet potato hash: So many possibilities. Most that look prettier than this. Just cut a sweet potato into half inch cubes, roast it with olive oil, salt, and pepper at 400˚ for around 25-35 minutes, add anything else you want (bacon, spinach, tomatoes, feta, cheddar, onions, anything) and top with an egg.

Avocado toast: Delicious. Make toast. Slice avocado. Soft boil an egg. Pile in that order, top with salt and pepper.

Salad for breakfast: Pile mixed greens in a bowl. Top with an egg, salt, and pepper. Maybe sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, maybe not.

Sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes: sauté sliced crimini mushrooms with olive oil, rosemary until tender, add halved champagne or sun gold or whatever tomatoes, with a pinch of salt and pepper, and stir until they’re warmed through. Plate, top with a soft boiled egg.

Egg on sautéed mushrooms on spinach. (With a white wine sidekick).

Transition teaser for an upcoming post: Put an egg on an eggplant steak with basil.

Are eggplant steaks a thing, or did I make that up? Pan fried eggplant rounds? Is that more appealing to you? Well, I’ll tell you all about them soon, even though their season is just about finished.


About toeachhisscone

Hi. My name is Heather. I am Catholic and I like to feed people. Basically, I over-think, over-cook, over-eat, and then over-write about it. This is where that last part happens. Welcome.

4 responses to “Adult Food for Childish Days

  1. Do I recognize my breakfast in one of these pictures? Do I?

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