Soooooo, how have you been? Apparently it’s been two months since we’ve seen each other. A lot has happened in those two months. Clearly. Ironically, silence is usually a sign that I have a lot I should be writing about. I think that’s irony. Either way, it’s the truth. This summer has been too full of trips and I-might-die-this-is-so-good food and baking occasions to even broach. I find it way easier to write about, say, a sandwich sometimes than major, thrilling stuff. I can really focus on and comprehend a sandwich; European tours, best friends, weddings, family…not so much. I mean, it takes work to try to zoom out enough on those to give you what might pass as a whole picture. So sometimes I give up—like when Maria and Kate both got married last summer and I said not a word. It’s just too much. But, consider this my solemn vow to occasionally try a little harder. Especially after people guilt me at Big Life Events…you know who you are.

So, where to start? Since I saw you last I’ve learned how to foxtrot (and promptly forgot), went to an old old friend’s first wedding shower, helped host a quintuple-threat party for a friend’s many chaotically concurrent Big Life Events, traveled with the most fantastic group through several European countries—visiting a dear friend in England and meeting up with another for a last minute Paris rendezvous in the process (because that’s my life usually)—surprised my sister in Missouri for her 30th birthday, cut most of my hair off (you know, equally important), went on a full-fledged family beach vacation to my cousin’s beautiful destination wedding, and generally attempted not to lose my mind.



Dearest, darling Emily moments before I asked “Who’s that guy?” about Queen Victoria in a jet-lagged stupor. I think she almost died laughing at me.


Rachel toasting to Paris on one of the best days of my existence (mainly due to being with Rachel. Also, Paris.)


Travel Andrea, Brandon, Ryan, and DeAnn entering the magical city of Carcassonne in southwest France.


Thank you Catie for getting married here. Seriously.

I also managed to minorly injure my foot in three different states on two different continents, got two flat tires, became way too familiar with Discount Tires, lived without furniture in my house for a week, and am currently sleeping on an air mattress. Things are feeling drastic…but are hopefully calming down now.

Anywho, despite the never-ending scramble that is my life lately, I’m determined to catch up brain-space and blog-wise. This includes but is not limited to finishing those bridal/baby shower posts that are hanging out half-finished on my computer (I know you’re just dying to read them), taking some damn photos next time I make a lemon birthday cake with poppy seed buttercream icing and a blueberry glaze, and figuring out how to even approach writing about travel from this summer. Luckily, I’m really into making schedules. Unluckily, I’m really terrible at following them. So, for now I will simply leave you with this:


Strawberry galette with a lemon/lavender crust.

Something to look forward to.


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Hi. My name is Heather. I am Catholic and I like to feed people. Basically, I over-think, over-cook, over-eat, and then over-write about it. This is where that last part happens. Welcome.

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